Dental PPO (DPPO) – Preferred Provider Organization

Dental PPO insurance plans are popular with families who want a large network of providers to choose from. PPO providers typically offer a lower rate for service than a non-contracted provider, but you have the freedom to utilize either type of provider. While PPO plans have flexibility in network, they may have other types of limitations, such as:
– caps on annual coverage amounts
– waiting periods for major services

Dental HMO (DHMO) – Health Maintenance Organization

Dental HMO plans are popular with families who want a low monthly premium, and their general dentist participates in the network. There is typically a fixed amount (copay) for covered services, with some $0 copay preventive benefits. Most plans do not have waiting periods for major services and do not have annual caps on coverage; however, most plans will also not provide reimbursement if the insured sees a dentist that is out of network.

Short Term Medical (STM)

STM plans are designed to provide temporary health coverage during unexpected gaps in coverage, with coverage starting as early as the next day. These plans do not meet the 10 minimum essential coverage requirements under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and may result in a tax penalty. Most STM plans do not cover pre-existing conditions.

Who should consider a Short Term Medical Plan, people who are:
– in-between jobs or waiting for benefits to start a new job
– without health insurance because they missed the ACA open enrollment period and are not eligible for a special enrollment
– college student looking for a couple months of coverage

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